Stand in the place where you work

My workstation has a new addition:

Stand up Sit down

(Apologies for the rubbish photos, it's a bit tricky with the window directly behind.)

Anyway, what you're seeing is an Erogotron Workfit S, a workstation that mounts onto a desk and allows the height to be adjusted to go from sitting to standing. It's got space for two monitors, but I'm planning to get hold of an adapter kit to mount my ThinkPad where the second screen would go.

I picked this up on ebay last week, and have been using it while putting the finishing touches on a job. I should note that I'm not suffering any back pain / shoulder pain / general pain that might be caused by me sitting down for 8 hours a day cranking out code - but I was in the market for a better monitor stand and if this heps avoid any potential pains coming down the line, then great.

My impressions so far are pretty positive: It was second-hand so was already assembled, I just needed to alter the tension on the main track that allows everything to move up and down smoothly. So I've been alternating between sitting and standing about every half hour, and standing hasn't been irritating me - so I guess this is a good start. Currently it's mounted over on one side of my desk to leave the other side free for writing etc. Anyway, definitely more to come after I've used it for a little longer.